What are the new SQL functions being introduced in the SQL SERVER 2014

What are the new SQL functions being introduced in the SQL SERVER 2014

This option should be used for archival or other cases in which you require a small storage size for your data and you cannot afford to add more time for storage and retrieval. The ALTER INDEX command ran with REBUILD has a new COLUMNSTORE_ARCHIVE compression option for your data. By specifying this option you will further compress the partitions of a columnstore index that you will also specify in the query. The new columnstore index gives you the possibility to update the underlying table without dropping the columnstore index like you were forced to do in previous versions. Also, the columnstore index in SQL Server 2014 has to use all columns from the table and cannot be combined with another index. SQL Server Data Files in Windows Azure will enable you to store native SQL Server database files as Blob files on Windows Azure.

This statement has been improved and now it can be run in parallel, but the database compatibility level must be at least 110. The setting MAX_OUTSTANDING_IO_PER_VOLUME which is available through ALTER RESOURCE GOVERNOR  will set the maximum number of IO operations per disk volume. With SQL Server 2014 you have a new ability introduced to the table.

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This durability feature can be controlled at multiple levels, database, COMMIT, or ATOMIC blocks. The OLTP tables are copied to memory and are made durable by writing transaction logs to disk. Also, the new engine has an improved lock-free mechanism that can process transactions for the in-memory tables. In-Memory OLTP or online-transaction processing is a database engine that is memory-optimized specifically for OLTP operations and is part of SQL Server’s engine. Initialization parameters configure the database instance, including memory structures, and define locations for database files. Values for initialization parameters are stored in a text-based initialization parameter file (PFILE) or binary server parameter file (SPFILE).

In SQL Server 2019, SQL Data discovery and classification is integrated
into the SQL Server engine with new metadata. This enables us to ensure GDPR and
other compliance needs for our databases. A secure enclave is a memory space on the https://remotemode.net/become-a-sql-dba-developer/sql-server-2014/ server where data can be accessible unencrypted and gives you more control over your encrypted data. The engine now has classification built-in and a new T-SQL interface to help you classify your data to meet compliance standards.

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Some of the more exciting ones include Scalar UDF inlining, which automagically turns your scalar UDFs into something more efficient and set-based. Batch Mode on Rowstore allows you to use batch mode execution, and you no longer have to use columnstore indexes. Table Variable Deferred Compilation results in the use of actual cardinality instead of an estimate during optimization, and the first time it’s compiled. With the release of SQL Server 2019 comes many new and exciting features, we can’t wait to share the ones that made our top five list! Overall there were vast improvements in the database engine, security, database recovery, and several other areas.

Columnstore indexes were also firstly introduced in SQL 2012 Server version; it improves the performance of data warehousing queries. In SQL Server 2014 there are some improvements done by Microsoft such as types of queries, as well as Columnstore indexes, now they can provide up to 10x performance improvements. In the last version of Columnstore indexes, the underlying table was for read-only but now Microsoft has eliminated this restriction. In SQL Server 2014 performs updating of the underlying table, and Columnstore index uses all the columns in the tables and cannot be combined with other indexes.

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SQL Server is a popular relational database management system (RDBMS) that is used by businesses of all sizes. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of moving to managed SQL Server in the cloud…. PostgreSQL is a powerful and versatile open-source relational database that is used by a wide range of businesses and organizations. However, managing a PostgreSQL database can be complex and time-consuming,… With SQL Server 2014 the development team built a new cardinality estimator. The new estimator should provide more consistent and predictable query performance, as well as more accurate cardinality estimates so better query plans can be chosen.