JISH Arabic Communicative Development Inventory (JACDI)


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This is a tool where professionals can tap into Parents’ Day-to-day knowledge about their children’s language and communication skills. It is a norm reference tool that was normed on the Saudi population This scale consists of two parts: The first part relates to determining the level of words and gestures for the child (from the age of six to eight months) through the child’s response to yes or no questions, and the child’s imitation and use of words that do not depend on verbal expression.

The second part focuses on words and phrases for the child (from the age of sixteen months to three years) so that the verbal vocabulary that the child can use is determined and also the child’s skills are evaluated for the grammar of the grammar and morphology units, as well as the correct use of the sentences to measure the development of the child’s knowledge of the world from Around it. kits consists of user’s manual, technical guide and the scaling forms. Weight: 2 Kgs